Statements made earlier this month by Saskatchewan’s Education Minister continue to haunt her.

The NDP renewed its call Saturday for Bronwyn Eyre to admit her wrongdoing and give a proper apology for attacking treaty education or resign.

Eyre claimed a recent history assignment given to her son degraded her European ancestors, but another account of the said assignment did not verify her statements.

In a news release, the opposition says “Eyre has taken several opportunities to say she was apologizing but she has never stated to whom she was apologizing to or for what. The release goes on to say Eyre promised to no longer mention her son or the assignment in question publicly, but not once has she offered to issue an apology to the teacher who she attacked in the Legislature.

On Wednesday, Premier Brad Wall said he was concerned with the remarks made by Eyre, but was satisfied with her apology and clarification of her comments.