Maybe air conditioning isn’t so bad after all..

For many years I said I would never EVER get air conditioning in my home. When people would ask me why, my response was always “why would I need that when we live in such a cold country? We have such long periods of either cool or very cold weather and only three or four solid weeks of uncomfortable heat throughout the year. That means there are 48 weeks where the a/c isn’t going to be used. This was my mentality…until last night.

When I bought my house it came with central air, which I said I’d never use for the reasons listed above. Given the fact we reached 35*C, I decided to fire it up last night to see how it works and it. Was. Amazing! It worked, there were no electrical shorts, my house didn’t burn down, the world is still spinning, and I was so cool (literally not figuratively. I’ve never been figuratively cool). After doing a bunch of yard work, walking into a cool, comfortable house felt incredible.

Since last night I’ve become that guy who brags about his a/c. How could you NOT live without central air in the house now? I’m going to brag about this new -to-me technology for days now. Well, until I get my first power bill and then I’ll be brought back down to Earth and I’ll be back using the window fans.

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