Moe and Kenney use Weyburn appearance to resume anti carbon-tax talk

For the first time since Jason Kenney was elected as Alberta Premier, he was in Saskatchewan.

Kenney and Premier Scott Moe attended the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show in Weyburn where they addressed showgoers in an event that showed the two are on the same page when it comes to the energy sector.

The two signed a memorandum of understanding to harmonize regulations governing the movement of oil and gas rigs in the two provinces. It is hoped this will allow for rigs to be moved from job site to job site in both provinces without getting bogged down by two sets of rules and red tape.

As expected, the two talked about their opposition to the carbon tax with Kenney saying the federal government can expect to see his province in court as they fight the controversial move by Ottawa if they don’t want to sit down and discuss the matter reasonably.

“If Minister McKenna decides she is going to take an all-or-nothing, Ottawa-centric approach and she wants to punish Albertans for heating their homes in the winter we will see her in court,” Kenney said.

Kenney also said the Saskatchewan oil industry can be credited to many Albertans who have done hard work.  Albertans who moved away from Saskatchewan before moving back when the economic conditions called for it.

Moe also brought up what needs to be done to get that oil industry back on its feet and in doing so took a jab at Prime Minister Trudeau.

“We need trade, we need transportation ability and we need a fair tax and regulatory environment — we need the three Ts,” Moe told the crowd. “I won’t comment on the fourth T that we most certainly don’t need here. You can likely guess what that might be.

Before Kenney and Moe went to the show, the two went to the world-famous KFC Buffet for lunch with a trip to Wilcox and Notre Dame College happening after the appearance.  Kenney went to school at Notre Dame.


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