The world commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day

Ceremonies across the world will be taking place Thursday to commemorate D-Day.

Seventy five years ago military from various countries stormed Juno Beach in Normandy during the Second World War.

Saskatchewan Military Museum Curator Maj. Keith Inches says the Regina Rifle Regiment was one of the first groups to land on the beach with the Winnipegs. “So the fact that the Regina Rifles was picked to be one of the lead units to go in says a lot to their capabilities and how well they were thought of. The Canadians were the only ones who made their objectives that day and the Regina Rifles made the objectives they were given.”

Inches adds that D-Day is important to commemorate, just like Remembrance Day. “Today is special because it was the liberation of Europe in World War Two and the fact that the Regina Rifles were picked for that opening day and the first landing on the beach says a lot about our prairie stories and the status at which the Regina Rifles railed.”

He says this was one of the major steps to freeing France, Belgium and other countries.

Inches adds that D-Day is a day to remember the soldiers, but there is more than just that. “The soldiers freed the civilians and we don’t often hear the civilian side of the story which the soldiers allowed to be made.”

He says you can go to the Saskatchewan Military Museum to learn more about the historic day.

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