Road closure reminder for those going to Riders game

With another Riders season beginning Thursday night,  Regina Police are reminding those going to the game and those who will be in the area of Mosaic Stadium about road closures.

Beginning at 3:00 p.m.,  there will be no vehicle traffic allowed on the 1500, 1600, and 1700 blocks of Elphinstone Street. Access will be limited to Regina Transit buses and local residents only (you may be asked to show that you are a local resident, e.g. home address on identification or correspondence).

There will also be road closures at the following locations

• 1500 block of Elphinstone Street at Dewdney Avenue;
• Princess Street and 9th Avenue
• Argyle Street and 9th Avenue;
• MacTavish Street and 9th Avenue;
• Elphinstone Street and 9th Avenue;
• Montague Street and 10th Avenue;
• Elphinstone Street and North Railway Street;
• Saskatchewan Drive and Elphinstone Street.

Police are asking motorists and pedestrians to follow directions, have patience and be courteous to other users of the road.

Other reminders to help everyone enjoy game days include:
1) Remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock the doors. There will be additional police patrols around the stadium during games to deter theft-from-auto and theft-of-auto, but it’s always better to remove or reduce the opportunity for crime (officers cannot be everywhere at once);
2) Don’t choose to drink and drive. If you drink, be smart and take the bus, call a cab, use a designated driver;
3) Respect the neighbourhood. Mosaic Stadium is in a residential neighbourhood, and visitors should always ensure they park vehicles legally, refrain from littering and respect the property of others;
4) Consider using FREE public transit or car-pooling to make your travel plans easier. Regina Transit has provided a FREE Mosaic Stadium Shuttle transit route which can be found at
5) Set your GPS and finish texting your friends before you drive. Don’t drive while using your cell.

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