(Jamie) To Heck With Waldo, Where’s Garth?

Today’s the day Garth Brooks fans have been waiting for. At 10 o’clock, Ticketmaster will be swamped by tens of thousands of fans who will be trying their luck at getting some tickets for his August 10th show at Mosaic Stadium.

Yesterday morning Evans and I were scheduled to chat live on air with Garth himself at 7:40. There was no call at 7:40, so we waited, and we waited, and we waited, until about 7:55 when Garth finally called in and apologized profusely for his tardiness. Apparently he got backed up with all of his other radio interviews that were scheduled ahead of us. I understood that 100%.

Seeing as we were rolling into the news at the top of the hour, there was no way we could get him on air when he finally called us. He graciously offered to call us back at 8:40, if that would work for us. Hey, it’s Garth Brooks, we’ll make it work.

Evans and I were anxiously waiting at 8:40, watching for the private phone line to light up. Nothing. Uh oh. Not again. Finally, at 8:45 our private phone line was ringing. Sure enough it was Garth, who again apologized for putting us through this! All of the radio stations doing interviews were each allowed 6-7 minutes with Garth. If one station takes an extra few minutes, it’s easy to see how he would get backed up and be late for all of the other interviews.

The last time we spoke with Garth was 3 years ago and we were allowed 10 minutes, which still isn’t nearly enough time to chat with the biggest selling solo artist of all time! He is such a nice, down to earth person to talk to. Who else would sign autographs for 23 hours straight, like he did years ago? That tells you all you need to know about the man.

It was such a whirlwind morning that I forgot to do something that I haven’t forgotten to do in a long time. Just as Evans and I were signing off at 10, I realized I hadn’t plugged the parking meter out front. Five seconds after that thought hit my mind, a co-worker came into the studio and told me I had a ticket sitting under the wiper blade of my vehicle.

Drats! That’s the first parking ticket I’ve had in over a year!

Oh well, all good runs come to an end. I hope that’s not a sign of things to come.

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