Heritage Regina offering a trip back in time with summer walking tours

One of the guided tours offered by Heritage Regina this summer is for kids ages 6-12 who want to learn more about the Regina Cyclone.


People wanting to learn more about the Queen City’s history will have the chance to do so over the summer.

Heritage Regina has brought back their guided walking tours, giving both locals and visitors a chance to step back in time and discover aspects of the city they may not have previously known.

There’s a total of 13 tours which take place from this June to September, covering a variety of different themes from the 1912 Regina Cyclone to “Lost Buildings in Regina”.

Jackie Schmidt, who serves as the president of Heritage Regina, said it’s a great way for the public to learn more about the city.

“These walking tours take you back to when the city was founded, the ideas and ideals people had that created the city, and the different events that happened throughout the city that culminated into what Regina is today,” said Schmidt.

It’s an entertaining way for tourists to explore parts of the city they might not see otherwise on their travels. But Schmidt also pointed out how it’s a good opportunity for Reginans to gain more knowledge about the city they live in.

She explained how the tours offer different perspectives to places people may walk through or drive by every day. Places that can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

“You’ll learn about specific events that happened within the city, why the streets are laid out the way they are, what the businesses were at the time,” she said. “So the next time you drive down Albert Street, Victoria Avenue or wherever one of these walking tours are, you’ll know what happened on that corner as you’re driving by.”

The first tour of the season is tonight called: The McNab Neighbourhood. They each begin at 6:00 p.m. and last anywhere from one to two hours. Most tours will run on Saturdays but there are some that will be scheduled on Wednesdays.

No fee is charged for the tours, but Heritage Regina will accept $10 donations to help fund their tours.

Schmidt recommends people bring comfortable walking shoes, along with water for hot days and warm clothing for the colder ones. The tours are pet friendly as well.

To find out descriptions, departure locations and more, visit their website at Heritage Regina or their Facebook page.

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