(Jamie) Wow, You Couldn’t Think Of Anywhere Closer?

Last week my wife had a craving for Chinese food and wanted to hit up the buffet at China Liang’s downtown. Really? Downtown Regina, during rush hour, during one of the the busiest road construction years in the city, ever? The last place I ever would have picked to go for supper was anywhere downtown at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. But, I bit my lip and said, “Sure. Sounds good.” What a softy, huh?

Before leaving home I mentally I tried to picture where all of the construction was going on and how I could best avoid it. I mapped myself out a route and we were on our way. It turned out to be a perfect plan. Traffic, of course, was busy, but I managed to avoid all of the orange signs. The trouble was, traffic was spilling over from all of those other vehicles trying to dodge construction as well. It’s a monster that just keeps feeding itself.

We finally pulled up by the Casino on Broad Street and I noticed a spot in the Casino parking lot right on the corner. It was perfect. We got out of the vehicle and made our way across a busy Saskatchewan Drive and walked up to the doors of the restaurant feeling quite proud of ourselves for what I considered was a seamless trip, considering the circumstances. When I went to pull on the door, it wouldn’t open. Uh oh. Then we noticed the sign. The restaurant was closed for the week. I knew it was too good to be true. Well, so much for that idea.

We decided Rose Garden would be a great alternative, so we got back into the vehicle and made our way up a very backlogged Saskatchewan Drive and then on to Arcola Avenue, which wasn’t nearly as busy as I thought it would be.

I forget what time we finally made it home after our little trek, but it was a little later than we were planning on when we left the house.

I’m going to have to go online this week and see if I can find a drone that would be powerful enough to carry my wife and I wherever we wanted to go during all of this road construction!

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