Regina Police reminding residents to lock vehicle doors with more thefts occurring

Regina Police are reminding the public to practice more proactive crime prevention strategies.

This comes after 50 reports of mischief related to vehicles, many of involved windows being damaged to gain access to valuables left visible inside the vehicle.

Police also received 34 reports of thefts from automobiles, in 30 percent of these cases doors were left unlocked.

Officers says stolen items include credit cards which were then used to make “tap” purchases.

Also stolen from some vehicles were garage door openers which were then used to break into the garages.

“Prevent multiple crimes by employing some simple prevention techniques. Never leave valuables, such as bank cards, IDs, wallets, change, or electronics, in a parked vehicle. If there is nothing of value in sight, there is less of a reason for thieves to gain entry to your vehicle. Remove garage door openers and spare keys to prevent thieves from gaining entry into your garage or home. Always lock vehicle doors,” Regina Police said in a news release.

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