Tornado season is here according to Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is reminding Saskatchewan residents to be prepared for tornadoes during the summer.

According to the Red Cross, tornadoes are possible in the three prairie provinces, along with B.C.’s interior, southern Ontario and Quebec, as well as western New Brunswick.

Spokesperson John Halliday said there’s some things you can do if you’re stuck outside during a tornado.

“If you’re outside, one of the best things to do is to lie flat in a ditch or a low-lying area,” Halliday said. “A common misconception is to get into a vehicle; that is definitely not what you should do. Stay away from vehicles, they can be unsafe as they can be picked up, trailer homes can be picked up and thrown rather quickly as well.”

Halliday said there’s a difference between a tornado watch and warning.

“A tornado warning means that the tornado is already occurring, or that it is going to occur in your area,” Halliday said. “A tornado watch is just simply that, it means that it’s possible, it might be in your area, it could come, just stay alert for more information.”

Halliday said people need to be ready to get to low lying ground when the time comes.

“Get to that basement, get to that (centre) hallway,” Halliday said. “If you’re in a high-rise building, one of the things to do is get into a hallway, maybe even check with your superintendent or manager, see if there’s a building emergency plan, (which is) very key. One of the things we encourage families is to just do practice drills.”

Tornadoes are possible from April until September, with a peak season in the summer months according to the Red Cross.

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