(Gloria) Shopping and Music

Which would you prefer, walking into a store that is completely quiet or one with a radio station playing.  Retail outlets that have their own brand specific channel which includes retail ads within the playlist are probably more common than those playing the radio.  As a career radio person, we love the stores that play our stations and trust me we are listening!!

I was in “retail” therapy mode over my holidays and noticed this trend of music that honestly makes you want to get out of the store as quick as you walked in.  In Regina I have noticed some stores have the in house music on so loud that its overwhelming!  But hey, always good to know what the weather is, right?

There are advantages to this subliminal shopping trick.  The staff at retail outlets are more likely to work when happily listening to music.  Remember, they have to listen to this all day.  If you ask a staff member, they will likely tell you they don’t even notice it anymore!  Having upbeat music in-house sets the pace of shopping. It helps shorten the perception of time; how long have I been waiting in this line.  Wait, I’ve been here for two hours!?

Music is there to enhance and create an atmosphere.  It is also in place to create a certain amount of privacy.  If the music is cranked, you can discuss your purchase and not worry about offending a sales clerk!  Like that ever happens!!

What I find annoying is the cheesey music that reflects the business I’m in.  Have you ever really listened to the lyrics.  Uh!!!  Maybe its the instrumental versions of songs you know (think Breaking Bad).

Let me know if you find shopping music maddening or does it make you feel upbeat, happy and ready to spend.   If you looked at my closet, you’d think I was on the really happy shopper end of things!!

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