Moe unhappy with Trudeau’s rejection of Bill C-69 advice

Premier Scott Moe is speaking out after Prime Minister Trudeau rejected the advice of six premiers and the senate’s amendments to Bill C-69.

Moe said in a statement that Trudeau has turned his back on the energy and industrial sector that employs hundreds of thousand of Canadians and generates wealth for the nation.

Trudeau has said that it’s irresponsible for Conservative Premiers to threaten national unity if they don’t get their way.

Moe states that it’s the Prime Minister who is threatening national unity through his combination of arrogance and indifference to the concerns of the energy sector.

Saskatchewan Energy Minister Bronwyn Eyre was in Calgary on Wednesday to react to the news. Eyre says this bill is Trudeau’s no more pipelines bill and to say this is disappointing is an understatement. “In fact it’s completely unacceptable. These amendments were put forward by the Senate after travelling right across the country, spending thousands of hours hearing from people. These amendments came from provinces, they came from First Nations, they came from industry associations and they came from job creators.”

“It took the Senate 187 amendments to try and even fix this bill, this bill was so pathetic,” Eyre says. “And yet the federal government refuses to listen to all of these voices and the countless concerns of Canadians.”

She adds that “this bill is not just about Alberta, this bill is not just about the oil and gas sector. This bill is about Canada and it’s about whether Canada is a place where projects can get done and whether Canada is open for business and wants to see continued investment that fuels prosperity in this country.”

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