SGI unveils seatbelt safety ambassador BuckleBot

There’s now a new way for Saskatchewan kids, and subsequently their parents, to learn about seatbelt safety.

SGI released BuckleBot Friday, an interactive robot that will be touring the province promoting seatbelt use and proper security for kids in booster seats.

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy said BuckleBot is for kids to learn from.

“Kids really dig robots, and it was something that they paid attention (to) in a way that maybe kids don’t always pay attention to a grown-up talking to them.”

Mila McMurchy, Tyler’s daughter, said kids and parents will be able to learn to buckle up.

“I learned that it’s very, very important to buckle up and make sure that you’re in your car seat because if you’re not you could be in very big danger.”

Regina Police Constable Michael Seel said he’s noticing more and more cases of kids improperly secured.

“I’ve written 40 tickets this year for just insecure kids alone, and I don’t know if it’s becoming a prominent issue but it’s an issue that I notice and I think it’s great that they’re doing stuff like this to not only educate the parents but also educate the kids as why they need to wear it and wear it properly.”

While most Saskatchewan people wear their seatbelt, those who don’t are over-represented in traffic safety spotlights and fatal accidents according to SGI.

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