CFIB reporting slight increase in job vacancy rate in Saskatchewan and Canada

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is reporting that the job vacancy rate in Saskatchewan is increasing slightly.

While the federal rate is up to 3.3%, Saskatchewan rermains below the average, but increased slightly to 2.3$, representing 8,000 unfilled jobs.

Prairie Director Marilyn Braun-Pollon said work needs to be done to match people’s skill set with the jobs available.

“I think when you look at it, in order to reduce the growing skills shortage affecting Canada, what we do need is governments (to do) even more to encourage all forms of training including on-the-job training, better aligning their training investments with the training needs and processes of small business.”

Braun-Pollon said while the government wants to prepare kids for the jobs of tomorrow, there are serious needs when it comes to filling positions today.

“When you look at the shortages in the trades, I think there is a mismatch between the skills the young people are studying (compared to) the labour market needs, and we have identified that’s an opportunity for High Schools to to do a better job of emphasizing the importance and value of a career in the skills trade,” Braun-Pollon said. “(This is) so that a greater number of students are considering that as a viable career option.”

Braun-Pollon said there’s no silver-bullet solution to filling the vacant jobs.

“We certainly need all levels of government, educational institutions, and the business community to continue to work together to find solutions that address the labour shortages now, but also as important, look for ways of ensuring skilled workers are available into the future.”

The highest job vacancy rate in the country is in Quebec, who sits at 4.1%. However, Ontario has the most vacant jobs, sitting at over 174,000.

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