Regina fire warning residents over fire pit usage during dry conditions

With the continued dry conditions, Regina residents are being warned about the use of fire pits.

With a severe lack of rain in the Regina area, many areas have dry grass that could ignite easier if a spark from a fire pit lands.

Fire Marshal Randy Ryba said there are several bylaws for having fires.

“The things that we trip up on most is with a pit that is not regulation; it’s too close to combustible materials such as decks, fences and property lines, it needs to be three metres from each,” Ryba said. “Again, small fires, only the correct types of fuel.”

Ryba said another bylaw states you can’t burn under a tree.

“If the sparks become airborne, and again our very dry conditions, it’s a recipe for potential issues.”

Ryba said if this dry weather continues there will be a fire ban.

“Even when we do get rain, which we haven’t had, the vegetation above the soil will dry out within an hour, so it will still burn just as well an hour after a rain versus prior to the rain.”

Anyone with concerns over fire pit bylaws or with complaints can call 777-7000.

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