Zoning bylaw tabled for July meeting after lengthy Regina City Council debate

Regina City Council made several amendments to the zoning bylaw Tuesday night during the second half of their special meeting.

One of the amendments will allow recreational facilities to open in light-industrial areas, while discretionary conditions were also granted for heavy-industrial neighborhoods.

Part of the process will see the amended bylaws go to the public before once again heading back to council. Mayor Michael Fougere explains why this takes place.

“We’re passing reports where we’re doing an amendment to a bylaw which means you have to give public notice for changes, so it’s a dual track issue,” Fougere said. “We do have to go back to the public and show what we changed, that’s required under the planning and development act.”

Fougere said the city now has a better bylaw than what they started with.

“I think the public should be happy with this one,” Fougere said. “I think the building industry should be happy because they now have updated rules and regulations.”

Fougere said the nearly 160 delegations for the zoning bylaw had their voices heard.

“In terms of recreation facilities in industrial, we are back to where it was before and we felt strong that if it isn’t broke, let’s not try to fix it,” Fougere said. “The delegations were both written, and of course at council last night, were pretty persuasive in their comments.”

The tabled report is expected back in about four weeks. In that time, the public can view it, put in a delegation, and afterwards , city council will be able to have final reading for the bylaw.

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