Regina’s mosquito numbers may be on the rise

After last weeks rain, mosquito numbers in Regina are expected to rise.

The city says all the rain over the last week has created pools of water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in.

The City’s Russell Eirich said last week there were six mosquitoes in the city traps, with the average being 26, but the city is expecting that number to spike.

“In another two to three days we are going to start to see the larva leave the water and start to attack us as adults,” said Eirich.

Eirich also said a pale of water will create about 1,000 mosquitoes, so all the rain could be bringing a spike in the bug population leading into the Canada long weekend. He added he is asking residents to help keep the mosquito population down.

“I’m asking residents to go take a look, if you have been doing any painting, if you have been doing anything where you have standing pales of water, we are asking residents to give us a hand.”

“Over all our mosquito counts are lower inside the city then outside our control zone so we know we are having an effect right now, so we are positive there, ” Eirich added.

He said crews are continuing their treatment to help residents have as much of a mosquito free summer as possible.

You can find exact mosquito count numbers by clicking here.

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