Mayor Fougere happy to see work start to fill in Capital Pointe hole

Work has started on filling the Capital Pointe hole in downtown Regina.

CBS Contracting is putting the dirt back in the hole, with the project expected to be done by October.

Many are glad to see the hole get filled in after a decade of basic inactivity at the site with one of those people being Regina mayor Michael Fougere.  He does admit though that he has mixed reactions to what is being done.

“In one way, I’m pleased that the hole is being filled in because its been a public safety issue and has been for quite some time.” Fougere said. “On the other hand, it would be nice if a building was actually sitting there. That would have been the best thing.”

When it was officially announced in 2009, the plan was for a 27 storey condo and hotel unit which would have made it the tallest building in Saskatchewan, but numerous delays happened with the City eventually ordering the developer, Westgate Properties, to fill in the hole.

Despite all the negative publicity that has been received, Fougere doesn’t think this situation is one that has hurt the city.

“Oh no, I don’t think so.” Fougere proclaimed. ” This is not a typical way of how a project goes.  Virtually every project happening in the city sees the rules and regulations gets followed, but this is a high profile exception to the rule.”

When asked what he would like to eventually see go on the lot, Fougere says seeing a condo/hotel unit like what was originally planned is what would be great for the city, but he adds that whatever does go up, he wants to see something that does justice to the corner and contributes to the city.

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