Children and Youth Advocate Corey O’Soup has been suspended from his duties

Corey O’Soup has been suspended from his duties as the Advocate for Children and Youth by the Board of Internal Economy.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mark Docherty,  says this is a result of an investigation into multiple complaints of harassment.

Docherty says the investigation was conducted by an independent investigator.

According to The Legislative Assembly Act, 2007, those appointed as Independent Officers of the Legislative Assembly may only be removed after a vote of the members. He adds that he intends to bring this matter before the Assembly in its next sitting.

Docherty says harassment cannot be tolerated in any workplace and staff members need to be assured that we support the right to work in a safe and respectful environment.

O’Soup released a statement saying the harassment complaint involved him and one other individual in the advocate office and primarily consisted of inappropriate electronic communication and was not physical in nature. He says he understands because of his leadership position in the advocate office his actions were inappropriate and unprofessional, and he regrets the hurt and pain he may have caused. He believes that all workplaces should be safe and free of all harassment and is ashamed by his actions.

O’Soup has resigned effective immediately.

Provincial Ombudsman Mary McFadyen has been appointed to serve in the interim to ensure the operations of the office continue as usual.

O’Soup has been in the role since November 2016.  He is the first indigenous person to have the position.

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