Government of Saskatchewan responds to Ontario’s court of appeal carbon tax decision

After Friday’s Ontario Court of Appeal decision that the federal carbon tax is constitutional, the Saskatchewan government responded with a statement expressing their disappointment in the result.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled 4-1 in favour of the federal government, but the Ontario provincial government have announced they will appeal.

The following statement was made by Premier Scott Moe Friday afternoon:

Saskatchewan is disappointed by today’s split decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal on the federal carbon tax, a tax that harms Saskatchewan families, communities, and businesses. We commend the Government of Ontario for their representation of the people of their province.  With two split decisions, there is a strong legal argument that this tax is unconstitutional.  The Government of Saskatchewan will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan people by bringing the fight against the federal carbon tax to the Supreme Court of Canada this December. 

Prior to Canada’s highest court hearing these arguments, the people of Canada have an opportunity to decide the fate of the damaging and ineffective Trudeau carbon tax during the federal election this October.

-Premier Scott Moe

In May, Saskatchewan lost their own carbon tax appeal case 3-2 in the provincial court of appeal. It has since been announced the Supreme Court will hear Saskatchewan’s case on December 5.

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