Town of Assiniboia deals with flooding after major thunderstorm

Photo Credit: Steve Huber

Much of southern Saskatchewan has been hit hard with rain Friday night, including the town of Assiniboia.

Above is a picture of Nelson GM in the community, where water has surrounded the business.

Environment Canada says they have no official recordings for rainfall in Assiniboia at the moment, although they have received results from other areas.

Limerick, which is 22 kilometres west from Assiniboia, collected 56 millimetres of rain from the storm.

Coronach has been the subject of large quantities of rain over the last couple weeks. During yesterday’s thunderstorm, the community received 41 millimetres of rain, with 27.1 millimetres falling in an hour.

There is another risk of thunderstorms and rain in the forecast for Saturday, but it looks like things should start clearing up at night.

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