Goodale to defend Regina-Wascana seat in fall federal election

The liberal candidate for Regina-Wascana this October will be a rather familiar name.

When voters head to the polls for the federal election, Ralph Goodale will once again be on the ballot for the federal Liberals.

Goodale has held the riding since 1993, and also served in the federal Assiniboia riding for five years in the 1970s before a brief stint in provincial politics in the 1980s.

Reflecting on his career as a politician, he said some of the highlights over the years regarding the projects he has worked on involved infrastructure projects in Saskatchewan or macro contributions to the Saskatchewan economy.

Some of those projects he spoke about specifically included the Protein Supercluster, $500 million invested in job training and preserving jobs at Evraz by making sure U.S. tariffs were removed.

But moving forward, the longtime MP wants to tackle issues regarding water problems in the province.

“Water is always an issue in our part of the world. We either have too much of it, too little of it, or it’s always in the wrong place,” he explained. “The issues are going to get worse because of climate change.”

He also addressed rumours that he was stepping down from politics before the 2019 election, to which he stated those rumblings didn’t come from his camp and that “those sources have been wrong for the last 25 years.”

The federal election takes place on October 21st.

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