Canada Post offering tips to reduce dog-related incidents

With summer getting underway, Canada Post is reminding pet owners to keep their dogs away from mail carriers.

Since more pets are spending time outdoors during the warm months, the possibility for a dog to attack a mail carrier increases.

Canada Post hopes pet owners can keep their dogs away from mail boxes, screen doors, and can keep gates and fences locked and closed.

Angela Agarand has been a mail carrier for Canada Post for 22 years. She says the hope is to keep workers safe.

“A dog can be very protective to their property, and it results in unsure behaviour,” said Agarand. “Whether it’s large or small dogs, we don’t know how they respond to us.”
For Agarand and many others, it’s about having owners make sure their pets are secure when their mail is being delivered.

Canada Post suggests keeping gates and fences closed and keeping pets away from screen doors.

“The repetition of walking up the sidewalk, opening and closing the mailbox, leaving every day, they get unsure of us and they can become unpredictable.”

It is estimated 41 per cent of Canadian households own a dog, which Canada Post says opens the door for potential dog-related incidents.

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