Goodale reacts to Supreme Court hearing of Sask. government’s carbon tax appeal

Earlier this week, it was announced that the Supreme Court will hear Saskatchewan’s case against the federally-imposed carbon tax on December 5, 2019.

Regina-Wascana MP Ralph Goodale has responded to the news, saying the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal’s 3-2 decision back in May was a strong one.

It was a decision the provincial government announced they would appeal soon after.

When discussing the matter, Goodale said some things the province has done hurt the economy more than the carbon tax.

“The provincial government’s changes in the provincial sales tax (PST) are 70 per cent larger than carbon pricing,” he explained. “Some of the practical arguments just don’t hold up.”

He also thinks some of the arguments the province have tried to make have been proven false.

“They said energy prices would skyrocket; in fact they’ve came down. They said the cost of everything would increase; in fact the Consumer Price Index today is lower than it was when the carbon price was instituted.”

Goodale added something needs to be done to help fix climate change. He believes putting a price on pollution is an action the federal government took to make a real impact.

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