Regina still seeing low mosquito numbers

Regina has been enjoying several beautiful nights over the past few weeks with no or very little sign of mosquitoes.

The city continues treating large bodies of standing water both inside and outside the city hoping this can continue, but they also have a warning.

The Culex Tarsalis mosquito, the one that carries West Nile Virus, was discovered in a trap near Pilot Butte.   It is not uncommon to see the Culex Tarsalis show up, but city spokesperson Russell Eirich says the arrival this year is late.

“What you normally see is the Culex Tarsalis emerges between June 10 and 15.” Eirich said. “Summers will be warm so the Culex will become of the major mosquitoes in the summertime pools.

The latest numbers show four mosquitoes per trap which is well down fro the historical average of 31 while out of the city, traps are showing on average 26 per each one.

Eirich continues to remind Reginans to wear a light jacket and pants if going outside at night or in the morning and that you can help the fight against mosquitoes by removing any standing water that accumulated during the weekend rain on your property.

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