Recent rain improves crop conditions according to weekly crop report

The weekly crop report is reflecting the difference the rain has made in the fields.

The most amount of rain recorded was in the Webb area, which received 81mm.

Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Cory Jacob said with the moisture, crop conditions have greatly improved.

“We still got a lot in that poor to good condition, but some are stretching a little more out of poor now into fair to good,” Jacob said. “Even some being reported as excellent, so the rain has definitely helped to a point with crops.”

Not all news is good however. Jacob said because of the lack of rain early in the season, it’s possible to see a late harvest.

“It depends too when our first frost comes and how our harvest conditions look,” Jacob said. “I’m hoping we don’t see a late harvest for producers, but that might have to be the case.”

Jacob said crop damage is coming from multiple sources.

“We heard crop damage from localized flooding, strong winds, there were reports of hail, and as well insects such as grasshoppers,” Jacob said. “We’ve been getting multiple reports of them still feeding and causing a bit of crop damage.”

Jacob adds in a week or two, more rain will be needed to fill crops and help with top soil conditions.

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