‘Possible tornado’ in southern Sask. says Environment Canada, needing more evidence

This image was captured on Sunday by Nevin deMilliano at around 4:30 p.m. near Mossbank, Sask. (Photo: Nevin deMilliano/Twitter)


Sunday’s severe weather brought Saskatchewan residents rain and hail, but some are wondering if a tornado touched down in the Mossbank area.

Meteorologists are trying to determine if a tornado did touch down in southern Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada has been investigating the claims made by storm chasers and residents from the area. For now, they are saying it’s a possibility a tornado touched down.

Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said they need more evidence to confirm its status.

“All we have is photographic evidence. We haven’t had any damage reports or anything like that,” she said.

She explained how they rate these tornadoes by the damage they do. So until they receive more information in that regard, meteorologists won’t be able to give a confirmation.

Anyone with photos or videos from Sunday’s weather activity can send it to Environment Canada by email at [email protected] or by posting on Twitter using the hashtag #skstorm.

And if people are wondering if there’s a higher amount of tornado warnings than usual at this time of year, Lang reassured residents that this is typical Saskatchewan summer weather.

“This is absolutely on par for the summer. We have an average of 13-14 tornadoes each year in Saskatchewan,” she said. “Some years we’ll get three or four and some we’ll have as many as 33.”

Lang added that June and July are the busiest months for severe weather since crops give off more moisture before they start maturing in August.

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