Regulations set for future household hazardous waste recycling program

A new government program geared towards helping residents dispose of household hazardous materials will be coming to Saskatchewan soon.

On Friday, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the first steps to what they hope will grow into a hazardous materials recycling program for homeowners.

The creation of the stewardship regulations is the first phase to help set up the program that would allow residents to safely dispose of these materials.

According to the government, items would include materials with a flammable, corrosive or toxic symbol on the container, as well as pesticides and batteries.

Shelly Nicolle-Phillips from the Ministry of Environment talked about why they decided to get the ball rolling with this idea.

“Over the last number of years, the ministry has done some engagement and we’ve certainly heard from the public and stakeholders that household waste is a priority issue as it poses risks to human health, safety and to the environment,”

Now that the regulations have been approved, the next step is to have businesses who sell, distribute and manufacture hazardous materials create a plan for the future program. These businesses would be the ones to operate a program for the collection and safe disposal of these products.

Once a plan has been developed, it will be reviewed by the ministry within 180 days. If approved, another announcement will be made on program details and implementation.

But when can Saskatchewan residents expect this program to start up?

“I’d expect within the next year to year and a half that there should be a program, at least some of the materials, that would roll out,” said Nicolle-Phillips. “We’ll be able to speak better to that once the program’s plans are approved.”

Details of the program will be worked out by the program’s operators over the next 6 months.

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