The Magic Number

We’re always told that a person needs at least eight hours of sleep to get a good rest. Like with many things I think that it all depends on the person in the end. Everyone is different as some people can get up and roll or at the very least power through on six hours of sleep. I’ve found what I think is the perfect amount of hours to sleep. At least the perfect amount for me. See, if I sleep too much I get that feeling of still being tired even though I got plenty of sleep the night before and I very draggy and don’t actually feel energized well into the day which ends up feeding into a nasty cycle. Sleep less than eight and I’m totally useless and wouldn’t trust my self with anything. However I found the sweet spot. It’s nine. Nine hours of sleep is perfect for me. I feel better, I’m less grouchy, and basically a more pleasant person to probably be around. The only way to accomplish this now though is to actually go to sleep at a decent time. Yup I’m thirty years old and I’ve reinstated a bed time.

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