(Jamie) Gearing Up For Another Fun-Filled Four Days In Craven

This mornings blog will be the last one of the week. The reason? Tomorrow, Evans and I are off to Country Thunder Saskatchewan in Craven. I’ll be in the station just long enough to grab what we need for the morning before making the trek out to Craven.

We’ll be broadcasting from our Affordable Trailer Sales Broadcast Center on Main Street. You can’t miss us. If you’re planning on going out anytime this weekend, drop by and say hi. Our Street Team will be on hand with fun games and chances to win some cool prizes.

I get a lot of people asking what it is exactly I do out there for the weekend. Well, after we’re off the air Thursday and Friday mornings at 10, it more or less becomes a situation of “hurry up and wait.” After the “on-air” shifts you’ll find myself, Evans, Colin, Cody, and Nevan backstage, waiting and waiting. We have an interview room set up backstage and we will grab whomever we can to come in for a live interview. We also record interviews for the Jumbotrons that are perched on either side of the big stage. We’ve interviewed country’s biggest stars back there. It’s a lot of fun.

Most of the stars are very amenable when it comes to interviews, some are not. I had a run in with Miranda Lambert years ago backstage that I still chuckle about today. That girl did not want to be bothered by anyone wielding a microphone and she let me know it.

Not all are like that. Last year Colin, Cody, and I ended up on Aaron Tippin’s bus where he poured out some of his “Aaron Tippin” brand wine and chatted with us about life for a good 45 minutes. One year I was on Ronnie Dunn’s bus to interview him for the Jumbotron. We had a nice chat before we got down to business and he then told me he wanted to wear my sunglasses for the interview. “Sure,” I blurted out. I mean, it was Ronnie Dunn! What else was I going to say?

It’ll be a very busy weekend and even if you don’t hear us on the radio much, we will still be working, albeit, behind the scenes.

We’ll be back in studio Monday morning in the heart of beautiful downtown Regina.

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