City of Regina repairs sinkhole, reopens Elphinstone-Avonhurst intersection

A large sink hole in the intersection of Elphinstone Street and Avonhurst Drive has now been fixed.

The hole, which emerged on Canada Day, was seven and a half meters deep, and required additional contractors to be called in to help repair the broken water and sewer infrastructure underground.

Director of water works Pat Wilson said sink holes like this aren’t very common here.

“Typically when we do have a broken main or trunk, we would see the water come to the surface and that’s how we would find out that there was that problem underground, then we could find it and repair it” Wilson said. “In this case we didn’t see that surfacing until we saw the sinkhole.”

Wilson said the sewer line was fixed before the hole was filled.

“We did a repair in the hole, put in a new piece of pipe, and we actually put a concrete vault around it because it’s a very large piece of pipe, we wanted to make sure that it was very stable,” Wilson said. “It’s had concrete set around it, it is now repaired.”

Wilson said most of the sewage stayed or returned to the sewer line.

“We did have some sewage go out to the creek because that hole also had a storm sewer in it that had a crack in it, some of that water did go out to the creek,” Wilson said. “That was a spill that we reported to the Water Security Agency.”

Wilson said it is not known how much this repair will cost the city, adding this was a much larger repair than what they’re used to.

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