Three men arrested at Country Thunder Wednesday night

Country Thunder Saskatchewan may officially get underway Thursday night on the main stage, but in the camp ground it’s been a different story.

RCMP are reporting three arrests that have already been made with alcohol-related offences. No charges have been laid at this time.

Staff Sergeant Devin Pugh said the number one priority for RCMP at the country thunder site is safety.

“So we’re out, going to be enforcing a zero-tolerance on all offences including alcohol related offences, drug related offences, or any offences that cause an issue with public safety on the site and in the surrounding areas.”

While this is the first Country Thunder Saskatchewan since cannabis was legalized, Staff Sgt. Pugh explains some of the rules around consuming the drug on the grounds.

“You can consume cannabis in a private area, a campground on Craven site is a temporary dwelling, so if you choose to consume alcohol or consume cannabis, it’s in your campsite only,” Staff Sgt. Pugh said. “If you come out to a public area, it’s exactly the same as alcohol, you can be fined if you’re caught consuming.”

RCMP from across Saskatchewan will be roaming the grounds to ensure public safety, while combined traffic services will ensure safety on the highways around the site.

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