Slingshot makes its Country Thunder Saskatchewan debut

A rather large attraction has made its way to this year’s Country Thunder music festival.

The slingshot is set up on Main Street, giving thrill seekers a ride 260 feet up at 160 kilometres an hour.

Slingshot ride operator Ryan Klopp said this is the first year the slingshot has been to Craven.

“We just got invited to this awesome event of Country Thunder, and we want to give the audience the best experience possible,” Klopp said. “we’re really excited to be here and we hope everybody has fun.”

Klopp said there’s no concern over intoxicated guests making an unnecessary mess on or near the ride

“I’ve been doing this for about 12 years, nobody’s ever thrown up on the ride,” Klopp said. “We’ve had people before the ride; none after or during, so hopefully our streak continues for a clean ride.”

This is the view from inside the slingshot near the top of the ride. (Photo Credit: Ryan Klopp)

Klopp said safety is their number one priority.

“We’ve been operating for 21 years, and we’ve always put safety first and this is the safest ride here,” Klopp said. “(It’s the) only ride here, but still the safest ride.”

Friday’s attractions also includes a full day of entertainment at the main stage, capped off with the Friday night headliner Jake Owen.

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