Manitou Beach looking to fill nearby Little Manitou Lake with as many people as possible Saturday

The community of Manitou Beach will make an  attempt at most people floating in the Little Manitou Lake at one time, as part of the resort village’s centennial celebrations.

On Saturday, people from all over the province are expected to take to the mineral water in Little Manitou Lake for the ‘big float.’

Community Development Officer, Brendan Manz said this is a perfect way to celebrate the uniqueness of the lake.

“Everybody from around the province knows this is a lake that you can float in and it’s part of our marketing and the unique experience that people can have. So we thought why not show it off, lets try to get as many people as possible in here,” Manz said.

The village is not necessarily looking to break a world record with this, but Manz is hoping it might break the mold and spark interest for other lakes.

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