(Jamie) Another Country Thunder Is In The Books

Well, another Country Thunder Saskatchewan has come and gone. Things always seem to run a lot smoother when Mother Nature cooperates, and aside from Saturday night, she did.

Yesterday was a long, fun day. The last day always is. Three different radio stations have their own day at Craven to host the main stage. The last day is always ours, and it’s a busy one. That’s our day to MC all the activities on the main stage and grab interviews from all of the performers.

I never drink as much water as I do over the course of the 4 days of Country Thunder. I, like most people out there, always seem to have a bottle in my hand. Unlike most people though, mine is filled with water. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I drank more than 20 bottles yesterday. I spent as much time inside the port-a-potty as I did outside of it! When it’s hot and sunny, water is a necessity.

When I got home last night my first stop was the bathroom. Before I went to bed 20 minutes later I was back there. At 1 I was up for another trip to the can and when I got up for work at 2:30 I had to have another long tinkle before hopping into the shower. I have to get me one of those NASA diapers for next year!

Evans and I were on stage to introduce Steve Earl at 7:20 and we were supposed to be back on stage at 9:30 to bring on Chris Stapleton, but apparently, he didn’t want an MC. Sometimes that happens.

As wonderful as the weekend was, it was sure nice to get back into our studio again this morning.

It’s like being on vacation. It’s always a lot of fun, but it’s always great coming home!

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