(Jamie) Bend Over…Scratch…Repeat

I have not noticed a big problem with mosquitoes in our backyard this year. Sure, when I’m walking on or mowing the grass, they seem to be everywhere, but that’s it. It’s like they’ve lost the directions to our deck. When I sit on the deck they just don’t seem to be as bothersome.

Craven was a different story. Our broadcast location was right beside the grandstand. Underneath the grandstand there  was water as far as the eye could see thanks to the showers in the days leading up to Country Thunder. I had more problems with those darn skeeters there than I’ve had anywhere so far. Even there I noticed a bite or two, but nothing out of the ordinary

It wasn’t until yesterday morning that I woke up with really itchy feet. When I went to have a shower I noticed I had two big mosquito bites on the top of both feet in nearly the exact same spot. These bites weren’t small, there were both dime sized and they itched like you-know-what.

A couple of years ago on our Flea Market trip to Mexico, someone mentioned that the aluminum in deodorant was good for stopping the itch of a mosquito bite. Suddenly, everyone was grabbing their deodorant and putting it on everywhere except the place it was invented to be put on.

I haven’t done that yet. I have a hard enough time remembering to put that stuff under my armpits every morning, let alone running it across the top of my feet. Maybe I’ll try to remember to put some on today.

I’ve been reaching down to scratch my feet so often it looks like I’ve invented a new exercise. Hey, maybe I have. “Mosquito Calisthenics.”

Could be the next big summer craze!

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