Regina city crews cleaning up the aftermath after Tuesday night storm

The city of Regina is reacting to Tuesday night’s massive rain event that flooded underpasses on Albert and Broad Street.

The city says work is scheduled for the Albert street underpass for sometime in 2021 or 2022 to prevent or limit the water build up in that area.

Director of Water Works, Pat Wilson, said the Broad Street underpass is still under review.

“It’s not currently in the immediate plan, but we will be looking at that one,” Wilson said. “This data helps us make those determinations for priorities and look at where we can get that onto the plan as well.”

Wilson said the underpasses remained flooded for a number of hours.

“With our system we are a very flat piece of property, so we see that water fall, and it starts to move across the city,” Wilson said. “We see the flooding happen, but then the water is clearing from the east to the west, and it continues to put pressure on those lines for some period of time before it can clear out.”

Wilson said Regina drivers need to remember to avoid underpasses during major rain events like this in the near future.

“Any time you’re dealing with water, if you don’t know absolutely for sure how deep it is and what’s in it, then the best choice is to stay out of it.”

Wilson adds the city received a number of phone calls over flooded basements. She said ways to prevent this are having sump pumps in the basement and moving eaves-trough spouts away from the foundation of the house.

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