No Northern Ontario evacuees will be leaving Regina Thursday

Regina will continue to house evacuees from the Pikangikum wildfires for the next little bit.

In an update from the province Thursday, Saskatchewan Public Safety spokesperson Duane McKay says there are just under 300 people still being housed at the U of R and local hotels.

McKay says as of now, no evacuees will be flying our of Saskatchewan Thursday. “We understand that Ontario has a significant number of people out in multiple communities. To try an manage movement from Saskatchewan back there is creating some inconsistency in the flight schedules.”

“We are comfortable with where we are,” McKay adds. “Evacuees have settled in really well. Our resources to support them for a few more days is sufficient so we are letting them know that we do not see us as a priority and they can deal with the other issues.”

McKay says it’s not known how long the people from Northern Ontario will need to stay. “We’re looking through the weekend as sort of a target for our operational support. That could extend a little bit longer, it should be shorter, but we are trying to be supportive of Ontario.”

All the cost associated with housing the evacuees will be covered by the federal government.

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