Saskatchewan Staying Within Spending Projections

Overspending and overtaxing has become common place amongst Canadian governments.

A C-D Howe Institute study from 2000-to-2018 finds accumulated spending by provincial and federal governments went beyond budget predictions by $91-billion, an average of almost $2,500 for each citizen.

The 18-year probe by the Canadian economic think-tank also discovered total taxation exceeded $142-billion or nearly $4,000 per capita.

Policy Analyst Farah Omran says governments have been more concerned with meeting the bottom line than adhering to budgetary projections. She cites the inability to predict economic trends and influences.

Saskatchewan was one of the worst offenders for the first two-thirds of the study but Omran says the province has done a good job keeping spending and taxation within projections for the last six years.

She figures it’s tougher to stay within budgetary lines in resource based provinces like Saskatchewan.


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