Northern Wild Fishery in Wollaston Lake closes for good

With the expenses of transportation becoming too costly, the Northern Wild Fishery in Wollaston Lake has decided to shut down their operations.

Between the closure of the fishery in Wollaston Lake and the retail store in Prince Albert, 25 people including local fisherman are without a job.

Anne Robillard, CEO of the Hatchet Lake Development Limited Partnership says when their first opened up their operations in 2014, both the provincial and federal governments were committed to building an all-season road in the community.

Over the course of the last couple of months, Robillard says a lobbying group made up of 8 local community members have sent letters via email to both governments, although since they began sending emails this spring, no reply has been received.

The Hatchet Lake Development Limited Partnership CEO says without an all-season road and using other ways of transportation including airplanes, just became too costly resulting in the company deciding to close down.

The main ways of transportation in and out of Wollaston Lake are by plane, barge in the summer and by ice roads in the winter.


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