Saskpower rolling out 20,000 new commercial smart meters

Saskpower is continuing with their commercial and industrial smart meter program this year.

The crown will install 20,000 new smart meters to several businesses, including some of Saskpower’s biggest customers.

Spokesperson Joel Cherry said some customers that will have the new meters will be oilfields and other large customers of that nature.

“The other half will go to a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses,” Cherry said. “That could be anything from a gas station to a grocery store.”

Cherry said commercial meters are able to measure increased demand from industrial customers.

“They’re generally a little bit more expensive compared to the residential meters, and that’s why we wouldn’t necessarily go put commercial meters on residences because you want to be cost efficient and keep our rates as low as possible.”

Cherry said Saskpower has tested the new meters beyond industry standard.

“We’ve had an internationally recognized independent testing facility looking at these meters to make sure they’re meeting that specification,” Cherry said. “We’ve tested these meters at our own facility by pushing them beyond their intended capabilities. Last time we had about 10 of the 108,000 smart meters that failed in a way that was unacceptable, and we’ve learned from that.”

However, there is still no time table in place for residential smart meters, as Cherry adds nothing has been presented that meets Saskpower’s safety requirements.

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