Danceland hosts Manitou Beach centennial celebration following repairs

Saskatchewan’s famous dance hall at Manitou Beach will host a homecoming this weekend.

Danceland is doing their part in celebrating the centennial of the resort village by having live music play throughout Saturday night as part of the celebrations.

Locals and visitors are excited to see the building rebound in time for the event after there was uncertainty not too long ago.

Owner Millie Strueby explained how the building was severely damaged by high water levels. But at this time, it doesn’t seem to be a threat.

“The last two years we did not have much runoff, so the water is going down,” said Strueby. “These rains of course keep the water levels where they are now.”

Unfortunately the building did sustain damage from the water. Although it wasn’t enough to stop Strueby and others from making sure their building was still in tact for future events.

Last fall, an engineer group jacked and leveled the floor because it was sinking.

“There was a difference of about twelve inches from one end of the building to the other, so it was sinking,” said Strueby as she let out a quick laugh. “They got that done and they secured it for the winter.”

Phase two of repairs are on hold while operations continue to run normally.

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