Glasses or Contact Lenses? Which do you Prefer to Use?

Wearing glasses in the summer can come with some challenges especially if you’re going to rodeos! The lenses can get covered in dust, smeared with sunscreen, or get a slick coating of sweat in the corners above the nose pieces. If you wear glasses, you know the struggle. Despite these challenges I still prefer them over contact lenses. Something about opening up my eye to put in a lens just grosses me right out! I can’t handle it even though I’ve often considered getting them. I’ve been stuck with glasses since grade six when my teacher noticed I was trying to take notes by looking through a plastic protractor. It offered just enough magnification, but I looked a little silly. Happy to report my notes formed perfect 90 degree angles though!

I know many who hate glasses and ONLY wear contact lenses or go for laser surgery to correct the vision problems. It’s important to ensure contact lenses stay clean and sterile. Just recently, a lady in Britain was treated for a serious infection in her left eye because she hadn’t been taking her lenses out while swimming and showering for several weeks. This led to free living microscopic amoeba floating around in her eye! Gross! Now, she will be fine because she went to the doctor in time. This is why it’s important to keep contact lenses sterile. I think I’ll stick to my ole dusty, dirty glasses covered in sunscreen and water spots thank you very much!

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