(Gloria) Summer Stays

A hot week on the horizon with temperatures in the high twenties!  Spray parks, outdoor pools and anything with air-conditioning will be busy!

Can’t wait to enjoy some of that sunshine! Without the wind or maybe just a gentle breeze, finding some shade while out riding on the trails, should make for a terrific experience.  Even walking your day will be rewarding.  Why waste the days inside and if you are working then eating lunch in the park or taking a break in some way will boost your spirits.

Having time off is sure going to boost my spirits.  Being able to get up and head out whether its in Regina or the open road visiting new locales.  There are some other things I must get done and throwing open the doors and windows, cranking up some tunes is happening!   My living space needs to become that exact thing.  After months of neglect, it is time!  The idea of getting on a roll and feeling no attachment to things is key.  Boxes are ready and waiting at the door.  What do you need.  Extra clothing, trinkets?

My hang-up in all this is “if I give this away, will the recipient  then turn around and sell the item, making a profit!”  This is a question I ask repeatedly.

There are way too many things going on in this world, I’m interested in all of them!  I want to be free and roam! Being at home cleaning and de-cluttering is a drag when a world awaits!!  Guess the carrot being dangled before me is company coming this fall.  Best get cracking.  My days off will not be my own until the task is complete.  And road trips usually mean bring things back into the home environment.    The world is nasty at times.

What’s the number for the Flea Market again!?

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