Heat warning for Northern Saskatchewan could last a few days

Summer is heating up in Northern Saskatchewan as Environment Canada issues heat warnings.

A high pressure system is building in the northern half of the province causing daytime highs to exceed 30 degrees and nighttime lows staying above 14 degrees.

Stephen Vallee with the weather agency there are a few things you should remember during heat warnings. “Extreme heat does affect everyone so it’s always good to make sure you stay hydrated and particularly it can affect young children and the elderly.”

Vallee says if you feel any heat exhaustion symptoms including dizziness, hard breathing and extreme thirst you should get out of the heat and into either a cool place or the shade. He adds that you should never leave pets or people inside a vehicle for any period of time when it gets that hot.

Vallee says although the warning is only in effect in the north, it could move to other parts of the province. “As this upper ridge continues to build and strengthen, we may see those warnings build into Southern Saskatchewan.”

The warning levels in the southern half of the province are a little higher with daytime highs needing to exceed 32 degrees and nighttime lows above 16.

Click here for up to date information on the warnings.

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