Saskatchewan wheat has been unloaded for the first time in 4 years at the Northern Manitoba Port of Churchill


The first grain train in almost four years has been unloaded at the Northern Manitoba port of Churchill.

Most of the grain shipped through the port comes from Northeast Saskatchewan.

The president of the Hudson Bay Route Association, Eldon Boon of Virden, Manitoba, says a modest grain export program has been set for the port this year.

The Hudson Bay Route Association promotes use of the port of Churchill.

Severe flooding in the spring of 2017 caused 29 wash-outs and knocked out service.

The port and rail line was sold to a consortium last August which includes AGT Foods of Regina, Fairfax Financial Holdings and Northern Manitoba First Nations.

The group hopes to export grain, fertilizer, potash, minerals and forestry products to world markets.

The federal government is providing 117 million dollars over 10 years to support the re-opening of the rail line.

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