Racial-profiling allegation between Kamao Cappo and Canadian Tire reaches mutual resolution

A racial dispute that began in 2017 at the east Canadian Tire location has ended in a mutual resolution.

Kamao Cappo, an indigenous man, was asked to leave while shopping in the store, which resulted in a physical altercation and Cappo filing a complaint to the provincial human rights commission.

Store owner Francois Brien said he and the store realizes indigenous people face perceived and actual racism on a daily basis.

“The store has taken proactive steps to ensure that it can become an example of how to provide exceptional customer service to indigenous customers,” Brien said. “To that end, the store has undertaken (a commitment to) organization wide training to train its members about how to properly serve customers of all backgrounds.”

Cappo said he no longer believes Canadian Tire’s apology is a publicity stunt.

“You have to think about it; who’s going to want to go through this again?” Cappo said. “As a store owner and for myself as an individual who experiences this, you’re going to do what you can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

After Brien committed to creating a training session on ensuring great customer service to all members of the community, Cappo said this could lead to serious racial change.

“Here’s an opportunity for Canadian Tire to show leadership, and that’s why I feel really good about this whole thing,” Cappo said. “A large corporation and a business leader in Regina has taken ownership and is going to do something, and that says a great deal.”

The store manager who started the altercation has since been relieved of his duties at the store.

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