(Jamie) 5 Million Channels And Nothing To Watch

I know I’ve blogged about this a few times in the past, but I still can’t believe I pay about $230 a month for cable and still find myself saying, “There’s nothing on TV tonight!”

The other night I did something I very seldom do. I switched over to the CBC. There’s never anything good I want to watch on that channel and I wasn’t proven wrong when I thought I’d watch a bit of “Kim’s Convenience.” It started off on a weak note, but I thought I’d tough it out for a while to see if things got better. They didn’t and it was “goodbye CBC” again, for what seemed like the millionth time! Seeing as my tax dollars fund that station, you’d think the least they could is ask me what I like to watch!

How many “Real Housewives” shows are there out there? They seem to come at you from every city and they’re all the same. Low class ladies wearing tons of makeup ready to fight at the drop of the hat. That’s exactly how the description of the show should read! No thanks.

How many different reality shows do we really need? Have you ever seen that show about parking enforcers called “Parking Wars?” Who needs a TV? I could just plop my rear end into a lawn chair in front of the station and watch meter readers walk up and down the block all day handing out tickets.

For me, it’s the National Geographic Channel or Jeopardy, shows that will actually feed my brain a little information. It’s not that I don’t like watching regular TV shows. Our favorite is The Big Bang Theory. How Jim Parsons can spit out some of those lines as Sheldon is beyond me.

September TV usually holds out some hope for me, seeing as that’s the start of the new season, but here we are at the end of July and September seems so far away.

Looks like I’ll have to find something to keep myself occupied until then. Anyone up for a needlepoint class?

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