Goodale preparing for October federal election

Regina-Wascana Member of Parliament Ralph Goodale is getting ready for another federal election, as it is just three months away.

Him and his team say preparations are in full swing for October 21.

Goodale said while there is still a lot of constituency and ministerial work ahead of him, the campaign is off to a pretty good start.

He talked about how he’s relatively had the same approach for the last number of years when it comes to elections, and it seems to have worked.

“If you ever operate on the assumption that any particular lead is a sure thing, then you’re taking voters for granted, and I never do that,” explained Goodale. “You have to work every time to earn their trust and respect.”

For Goodale and his team, they’re facing a flurry of billboards across the city asking voters to send Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a message by voting Goodale out.

When asked on his thoughts regarding these attack ads directed at him and other western Canadian Liberal MP’s, Goodale said the move is faceless, anonymous and dishonest to voters.

“It’s basically built around smears, fear, greed, hate and division, those sort of negative factors that are foreign to a community like ours,” mentioned Goodale.

“I’ve heard from the vast majority of people that they are disgusted by this nasty, very personal kind of attack.”

Currently serving as the minister for public safety and emergency preparedness, Ralph Goodale has been representing his riding for the past 26 years.

If he fails to defend his seat this fall, it will be the first time in over two and a half decades that another politician will be the representative of the riding.

Goodale first won the Regina-Wascana riding back in the 1993 federal election after Progressive Conservative Larry Schneider had more votes than Goodale in 1988.

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