Attorney General’s meet in Saskatoon to discuss Canada’s Carbon Tax

The Government of Saskatchewan is hosting the Attorneys General from the provinces across the country that are fighting the Trudeau Carbon Tax. Saskatchewan was the first province to stand up to the Trudeau government’s ineffective, job killing Carbon Tax as an infringement on provincial authority under the Constitution. The Government of Saskatchewan was supported by Ontario and New Brunswick at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec have also joined the Saskatchewan appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Today the Ministers from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and their legal counsel as well as counsel from Manitoba are collaborating on legal arguments and discussing additional legal strategies to defeat the ineffective Trudeau imposed Carbon Tax.

“It is a honour to be meeting with Minister Schweitzer, Minister Downey and Minister Anderson-Mason in person to discuss and coordinate our legal cases challenging the Trudeau government carbon tax.” Saskatchewan’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General Don Morgan said. “This application is critically important to asserting provincial jurisdiction. Thus we want to ensure that we have the most cohesive and consistent legal arguments which is why it is essential that the provinces met together today to further define and align our plans moving forward.”

“Ontario continues to stand united with our provincial partners in fighting against this federal overreach into provincial jurisdiction and is committed to using every tool at our disposal to protect the people of Ontario from Justin Trudeau’s tax on everything,” said Ontario’s Attorney General Doug Downey. “I am honoured to meet with my provincial partners to discuss our approach to fight the federal government’s job-killing carbon tax that makes life more expensive for hard-working individuals, families and businesses.”

“Alberta is proud to stand with our provincial allies against this federal overreach into provincial jurisdiction,” said Doug Schweitzer, Alberta’s Minister of Justice and Solicitor General. “This one-size-fits-all tax is all economic pain with no environmental gain and ignores our constitutional right to make policy choices that reflect local conditions and circumstances.”

“I am pleased to be here today representing New Brunswick in this coalition of provinces fighting against Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax,” said Andrea Anderson-Mason, New Brunswick’s Minister of Justice and Office of the Attorney General. “There are better ways to reduce emissions and hard-working taxpayers should not be punished for heating their homes and driving to work.”

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